Haisley Lynch Post 16






                 American Legion Haisley Lynch Post 16

                                  4701 NW 6th Street

                              Gainesville, FL 32609    

Good morning to you Legionnaires,


This is my June 14, 2022 monthly Membership letter to you. First, let me say, the post is doing wonderful things now, we have changed the menu to reflect the great food that is prepared daily by our own Chef/Bartender Erica on a daily basis. We have begun to clean up around the Post itself, I didn’t ask for volunteers because I can work just as hard as anyone. There are pictures on our Facebook.  I continue to ask for your support for the Post. This Post belongs to you, and your involvement makes us stronger.  I am aware that some of the legion family members are currently at other veteran organizations urging some not to frequent Post 16.  That is their privilege but is a practice that I hope none of us will engage in at our Post. 


I realize that some of you work, but not all the time. I do know that there is times when you have a little free time to have fun so let’s do it at the post,

Mr. Jim Ramos a member of out post is now the new NEC or the National Executive Committee representative. Post 16 is proud and offers congratulations to Jim.

We are working to make the Monday night Pool night and bingo nights even better.

The Bartender on Duty can choose to close the Canteen early or to keep the Canteen open later than the posted hours, if there is enough business to justify that, but must obtain the permission of either the Commander or 2nd Vice


Walter Cason





We have our new membership cards which we can start issuing July 1st.  

If you have not been at the post for a bit, the falling down mobile home park next to us has been removed and will be replaced with a much better housing facility. The access road will be repaired which will be good for us. 


The circle K across the street has made the turn into our street better.  ( as well as for U-Haul)  Rolling Thunder (which partners closely with the Legion Riders) is holding a Poker Run Saturday and in partnership with the Commander and the RT road captain got permission to us their parking lot for the event – a break thru.

We are working on several facet for grants to get our former shuffle area redone for multiple outside use.  We are also making progress on some grants from the State Legion for some needed structural improvements. 

Stay tuned for a great year.

Fred Judkins 1st Vice































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